More About Me From A Couple

I love shooting Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Events and Portraits since I have an opportunity to get to be with different types of people, families and couples! My clients will often say they feel really comfortable with me, and by the end of a shoot or weekend we are usually hugging!

My specialty is capturing candid, natural moments of people. I am proud to say that most of my jobs come from happy referrals.

When I work with people, I will only gently suggest poses, because my goal is to bring out the best of you and your relationships.  I don't want everyone to look the same, I really want to find the unique, special, moments with each person/couple or family.  

I also spend many hours after your event, hand editing every photo with artistic touches, so they will look their best. I am compulsive about that.  

My work is artistic, but I am a practical person who works super hard to get the best results and I have high energy and can't help giving a tremendous amount of myself.

I also love being outside, going back to NYC and seeing friends and family. I enjoy watching movies & getting into TV series like Game of Thrones, & Black Mirror. I love eating carbs, bread, fruit & ice cream, but now I have been giving up sugar, dairy, gluten and carbs which gives me even more energy! I love to laugh & be silly w/ my kids when I can (5 & 12). Lately I have also enjoyed swimming in the pool, especially under water, I feel like I am a kid again!